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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

SaaS (Software as a Service): Keeping Contacts Safely on the Cloud

Your business has taken the time to capture hundreds if not thousands of contacts, and the storage spot for all this valuable data is in Excel or Outlook. All is going fine until the inevitable system crash happens and you're in a desperate position trying recover lost data.

Surprisingly this is not so unusual as many small businesses make the mistake of overlooking on-line communication as part of an ongoing backup solution.

We've seen this with many of the businesses we've worked with over the years, and it is a tell-tale sign that the business owner is not embracing the new realities of online communication practices. Not only are these businesses failing to recognise best practices for backing up data, they are also failing to recognise the value this community data has to offer. 
Some of these businesses we have worked with have chosen to explore the social media arena which has resulted in a two tier contact database. One stored locally in the aforementioned method, the other in their social media world of Facebook and Twitter. In these cases the online data may not be at risk of being lost but is of little use to the business owner looking to know about their community's demographic information and interests.
SaaS applications have come of age and offer the business owner the advantage of not only storing contact data but using the data as part of an ongoing communication strategy. Open D is one of those SaaS applications that assists businesses and organizations transition from simply capturing contact data, to one that captures and utilizes the contact data as part of an effort to extend their reach into the online environment. By incorporating the SaaS application with their social media content, the organization can bring all contacts into a single location where they can be managed effectively to the betterment of the organization.
Getting up to speed with SaaS technology is the job of any organization leader who understands that in the modern era of doing business, every marketing, promotion, and business relations avenue must be utilized to give their business a fighting chance of success.  

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