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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

CASL is Launched and Only a Small Number of Businesses are Prepared

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation has many small business wondering what to do next. According to the Globe and Mail only 21% of Canadian businesses surveyed claimed they were CASL prepared. Those preparations largely amount to new ways to encourage contacts sign up for the businesses mailing list in a CASL compliant manner.
The results however are less than encouraging. Many businesses have reported less than a 5% return signup rate. A new approach to contact growth needs to be adopted.
The advice provided by many marketing advisors is to create and publish compelling content that will attract new contacts. This is an excellent suggestion, and something all businesses should be doing, but it doesn't necessarily replace the many contacts a business once had.
A new approach we call Neo-Marketing, incorporates the suggestion of publishing compelling content, but also utilizes a bottom-up designed community engagement application that invites participation and sharing by the business' community.

The above model demonstrates the Neo-Marketing approach needed to produce business contact numbers similar to those in a pre-CASL on-line environment.
Begin by publishing "Share Friendly" content within your web presence. Ensure to incorporate an Open D engagement page into your published content inviting your audience to participate in a poll, survey, or discussion.
Post to your managed social media sites, being sure to apply appropriate tags to your postings to ensure your published content will be found by those looking for your particular product or service.
Lastly, post your content to social media site groups that are locations where your audience frequent. This will direct traffic to your site where you have the opportunity to add the visitor to your community. This is where using a bottom up designed community engagement application like Open D separates your organization from other contact management solutions.  
The Open D application allows your site visitors to choose what subjects of interest they like, and how they wish to be contacted. The application acts like a net capturing, up to and over, 20% opt-in rates from your website traffic.
By following this Neo-Marketing formula & driving traffic to your site, where Open D captures them, small business's can see real contact numbers grow.
This new approach to on-line marketing creates more contact, more loyalty, and longer retention times.

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