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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Open D Engagement CRM Free Beta Release

It was an unexpected, record breaking snow storm in April,... but that didn’t stop the determined Ottawa entrepreneurs from attending the eSAX networking event at Lansdowne Park Wednesday night.

With several hundred in attendance, it was another networking success for Jarrod Goldsmith and his eSAX team.

It was also the launch of Open D Engagement CRM Public Beta Release.

After several months of bench and private beta testing, market message testing and more,  it was now time to formally release the Open D Engagement CRM to the public, free of charge.

The free beta release is now available via our website www.open-d.com. A full version of our cloud based application, free of charge.

It is our hope that the small business community around the world will give Open D Engagement CRM beta a try, and help us complete the development by providing us their feedback on what they like, dislike and features they would like to see in the final version.

Our Beta version will eventually morph into our Not-for-profit version of Open D Engagement CRM, and will continue to be free of charge. Unlimited contacts, subscription, and published engagement opportunities.

The small business community is always at a disadvantage when it comes to competing in the marketplace. Budget and time is always against you. It is our hope that Open D Engagement CRM will help in the journey to success for the small business community, as it saves both money and time while engaging more effectively with your market audience.

Starting with the Ottawa, Canada, Open D Inc. is joining forces with Startup Ottawa, eSAX, and Collabspace to bring a new concept in online engagement to the small business community.

We are all looking forward to the adventure as we bring the “Online Engagement” word to the streets... There’s a new CRM in town. And it’s unlike any you have seen before.

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Monday, 11 January 2016

A Successful First Public Presentation of Open D Community Builder

Last week (Jan. 6, 2016) we presented Open D Community Builder to the attendees at the eSAX Entrepreneurial Networking Event.

It was a fantastic event and a great indicator that we were on the right track. From start to finish we had attendees coming up to our booth asking us about
Open D.

"What does it do? How does it work? How much does it cost?" The questions were never ending, as were the agreeing nods from the attendees, as we explained the many beneficial features Open D has to offer.

The event was several hours long and by the time it was over, our feet were sore, our voices shot, but we had businesses signing up for our FREEMIUM Edition of Open D Community Builder. It was all worth it!

With several connections made, it was networking at its finest. We look forward to the next several weeks meeting with the businesses and entrepreneurs we met at the event. A special thanks to Jarrod Goldsmith and the entire eSAX team for hosting such a wonderful event. We look forward to again sponsoring their next event scheduled for April 6, 2016.

Get your tickets for the April 6, 2016 eSAX Networking Event here

Start your FREEMIUM Open D Community Builder account here, and start your community with 500 FREE engaged visitors. 

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

eSAX Networking Event - #esax

January 6, 2016 - Ottawa - Lansdowne Park Horticulture Building

The stage is set for another fantastic eSAX Networking Event. With attendance estimated to be around 500, eSAX is changing the entrepreneurial landscape in the Ottawa region.

A tremendous opportunity for all start ups in attendance, regardless of what stage their concept or company is at. 

Open D Community Builder is a proud sponsor of the event, and will have a booth located in the event's marketplace. We'll be available to introduce our cloud app to attendees and assist them in creating their Freemium Open D account, and for one day only 50% off our Unlimited Monthly Subscription

For only $49/month you get unlimited contacts, unlimited sign-ups, unlimited engagements published, and up to 3000 of your contacts transferred for free. Start the year off right by building a community of engaged return customers.

Be sure to use hashtag #esax while tweeting your comments pics and vids during the event. We'll keep a steam going on this page for you to view the progress and keep up with what's happening at the event.

Enjoy the first eSAX event of the year!

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