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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Announcing Open D Partner Program for Webmasters and Resellers

Calling all tech resellers and webmasters. Open D Partner Program is now live.

Sign up to be an Authorized Open D Partner and begin earning revenue by being one of the first to distribute this unique new application.

Earn up to 40% of gross sales by including Open D Community Builder banners and links to your site.

Open D Community Builder is a newly introduced social marketing and communication toolbox application for businesses and organizations looking to better engage with their community. It is a new approach to business/community engagement where all parties benefit.

Free from advertising, cookies, spamming and other annoying on-line practices, Open D offers organizations and their audiences an environment where mature and rewarding engagement can take place.

This new cloud application offers a collection of tools for business owners and organizations:

  • On-line Pollster
  • Discussion Forums
  • Spam-Free Emailer
  • Contact Manager
  • User Analytics Provider

Together these tools form the Open D Community Builder where business owners and organizations can become closer to their audience and gain valuable insight into the likes, dislikes and opinions of their community.

Completely automated, the Open D Partner Program is easy to integrate within your current web presence. Simply sign up to the program, and upon login you will be provided with banners and links that include your Open D Partner Program ID.

Include any of these banners or links within your web presence and all new Open D accounts created on OpenD.me that originate from your Partner Program links and banners will register your Partner Program ID.

Account commissions are paid out quarterly via PayPal money transfer, for the life of the account.

For tech resellers (VARs) and webmasters, this is an opportunity to get in on the ground. Open D is a new approach to business/customer engagement that brings benefits to all parties. Currently unavailable within any SaaS or app marketplace, Open D is being distributed by you, the resellers and webmasters.

If you have any questions regarding the Open D Partner Program please contact us here.

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Small Business Needs a New Approach to Social Marketing and Communications

Ottawa, Ontario—July 22, 2015— Remember when promoting your business was a simple chore. Just call the Yellow Pages. Buy a newspaper ad. Print up some mailers. It was simple, and it typically worked. And if it didn’t, you knew it right away.
But a couple of decades ago, small and medium sized business (SMB) owners were forced into the ever changing environment of on-line marketing and communications. Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc, etc. Promoting your business and communicating in this on-line world has become a complex effort with an ever moving target of best practices and pitfalls. New software, new rules, new strategies. Largely untested, it can leave a business owner spinning with uncertainty not knowing what is working and what is not.
It’s time to clear up uncertainty. It’s time to use the on-line environment more efficiently. It’s time to put control back in the hands of the business while respecting the visitor needs.
Open D Community Builder cloud app is the brainchild of Ross Bartlett. A Canadian web developer, who has been developing on-line business solutions for over twenty years, he has come up with a new approach to on-line marketing and communications.
Open D Community Builder offers business a complete social marketing and communications toolbox that can be integrated into any current website. Open D comes complete with five interconnected on-line tools that return better visitor engagement, audience growth, and communication control, while giving the business complete oversight of their on-line marketing and communications efforts.
Available in a FREEMIUM cloud account version and paid versions, you can transfer your current contacts to your new Open D account and bring your marketing efforts to life.
Visit OpenD.me and create your FREEMIUM account today and bring simplicity and control back to your marketing and communications strategy.

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Open D is Presented on Discovery Channel

On July 10, 2015 Open D Community Builder appeared on Discovery Channel as part of Newswatch TV's weekly program. Newswatch TV contacted us mid June interested in showcasing Open D within their upcoming broadcast.

Interested in, "Exciting new products and companies that are separating themselves from the pack", Newswatch TV worked with our team to produce what we think is a great segment.

As a young Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Open D is enjoying the challenging and exciting early days of breaking into the business software market. This latest production, airing on Discovery Channel has been a terrific experience and a fantastic opportunity for exposure.

The segment included our principle developer Ross Bartlett and new Open D account holder Kayla Miller at Sheepdog Tactical describing the benefits Open D offers her retail store. The segment is available at http://newswatchtv.com/opend-071015.html and shown below.

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