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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Engagement Manager and Networking Channels added to Open D Administrator

Added to Open D Community Builder are two features that will ensure more effective ongoing relationships and less time expenditure maintaining those relationships.

Contained within your Open D Administrator the "Engagement Manager" and "Networking Channels" features are easy to use and give you real control.

Let's start with the "Engagement Manager". Situated within your Participant Details page, the Engagement Manager has two components. First is the "Engagement Reminder Schedule", where you can set a reminder timer from one week to an entire year. If the community members fails to engage with any of your published Open D engagement opportunities, or make contact with you within that time, you will be notified and given the opportunity to make contact with them to continue your relationship.

By setting reminder timers you can be confident that your entire community is engaged with you, and no one is forgotten.

Business relations are so valuable. It is important that once a relationship is established, that it is maintained for as long as possible.

Next are the Engagement Categories. Here you can internally categorize your community members into categories you create. Divide your community into appropriate segments, such as volunteers, returning customers, influencers or whatever you feel would help you better analyse group behaviour.

By categorizing your community members you can find patterns and corelation as they relate to chosen Subjects of Interest, and Demographic Data. Engagement Categories allows you to learn more about the composition of your community.

The other feature we've added is the "Networking Channels" function. It is important to know what your community members are into, and what they have to say out on the Internet.  The Networking Channels allows you to record each community members various social network locations into six customizable channels.

With social channels captured you can now easily visit your community members social channels to learn more about them, their likes, dislikes, and opinions before making contact and furthering your relationship.

Networking Channels makes understanding your community members that much easier. Combined with the Engagement Manager reminder schedule and categories you can ensure your community is well addressed in a meaningful way.

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