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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Small Business Needs a New Approach to Social Marketing and Communications

Ottawa, Ontario—July 22, 2015— Remember when promoting your business was a simple chore. Just call the Yellow Pages. Buy a newspaper ad. Print up some mailers. It was simple, and it typically worked. And if it didn’t, you knew it right away.
But a couple of decades ago, small and medium sized business (SMB) owners were forced into the ever changing environment of on-line marketing and communications. Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc, etc. Promoting your business and communicating in this on-line world has become a complex effort with an ever moving target of best practices and pitfalls. New software, new rules, new strategies. Largely untested, it can leave a business owner spinning with uncertainty not knowing what is working and what is not.
It’s time to clear up uncertainty. It’s time to use the on-line environment more efficiently. It’s time to put control back in the hands of the business while respecting the visitor needs.
Open D Community Builder cloud app is the brainchild of Ross Bartlett. A Canadian web developer, who has been developing on-line business solutions for over twenty years, he has come up with a new approach to on-line marketing and communications.
Open D Community Builder offers business a complete social marketing and communications toolbox that can be integrated into any current website. Open D comes complete with five interconnected on-line tools that return better visitor engagement, audience growth, and communication control, while giving the business complete oversight of their on-line marketing and communications efforts.
Available in a FREEMIUM cloud account version and paid versions, you can transfer your current contacts to your new Open D account and bring your marketing efforts to life.
Visit OpenD.me and create your FREEMIUM account today and bring simplicity and control back to your marketing and communications strategy.

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