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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Open D Community Builder - Spring 2015 Release

New features include full automation and customization. Start growing a community of like minded and engaged people.

After months of development and testing, the 2015 edition of Open D Community Builder is available to the public. Create your Freemium Open D Account here: http://opend.me/  
Open D Community Builder is a new approach to business contact relationship management (CRM) and engagement marketing.
Developed to provide organizations a more inviting and rewarding communication environment for their audiences, Open D allows you to augment your web postings with engagement opportunities. These engagement opportunities come in the form of polls, surveys, and discussion forums that your community will want to share within their social networks.
Social network sharing by your audience is the most cost effective way to grow a community of people interested in your organization. Your community grows while Open D Community Builder provides you detailed analytics and demographics that betters your ability to manage your organization. 
Open D also manages your site communications allowing message assigning to staff and audit-able communication threads. It's all kept in order, and easy to manage.
It's all about relationship building when it comes to your on-line community. Open D provides you a fast and manageable environment to conduct your relationship building.
We're very proud of the cloud-based application we have developed and hope it helps you and other organizations establish more engaged and rewarding relationships.

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