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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Canada Anti Spam Legislation is Changing the Game for Business

The business world is about to be changed. For some it's for the better and for some it's a serious concern. The ones that recognise this is for the better are those in business that realize that times are changing and the world of junk mail and spam have come to an end, and now is the time to modernize the way we should be engaging our business communities.

Passed by the Canadian Federal Government in 2010, CASL will take effect on July 1, 2014. The largest impact for business will be no longer being able to send unsolicited emails to their contact lists.
Frequently businesses engage in the practice of harvesting email addresses and adding them to contact lists. Although proven effective early on in our short Internet history, people have become wary of unsolicited email, reporting spam and demanding some intervention by government.
So now what? Now the businesses have to adapt to the new reality that "spam-time" is over, and a new methods for marketing their product or service are in order. The good news is there are alternatives, but for some businesses it will be difficult to make the mental adjustment.
Bottom up thinking, and community engagement is the new reality. With unprecedented functionality, the Internet provides the business and the consumer the opportunity to engage in a mutually beneficial two way conversation. Businesses have to recognize the value of an engaged consumer and respect the ongoing relationship established by this engagement.
It closely resembles an ongoing cocktail party, where businesses act as the host continually circulate and having one-on-one discussions with guests in a never ending social setting. You would not start handing out flyers part way through your party as you would at best confuse your guests as to the nature of their relationship with you, or at worst offend the guest by trying to impose on them something they didn't ask for.
Instead businesses need to start letting their guests choose their own course within your online engagement, and the job of the business "hosting the party" is to ensure the guests have a healthy variety of subjects of interest to select from. 

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